Living with Fibromyalgia: The Blog That Started It all

Calvin Eaton
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Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome in 2010 Calvin made it his life's mission to raise awareness and public understanding of chronic pain and other “invisible” illnesses. In 2012 a terrible accident sent him into a nine month long debilitating fibromyalgia flare.

It was during this time that Calvin created the online website and virtual pain community; Living with Fibromyalgia. In this second book of his "Living with Fibromyalgia" series, Calvin takes us back to where the journey began and he shares the original posts, venting sessions, musings, and poems that he wrote to help him recover from this painful yet enlightening experience.

This book provides a message of hope, inspiration, and empowerment to those fighting the battle of chronic pain. You are not alone in your journey. 

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Living with Fibromyalgia: The Blog That Started It all

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